Hail Claims

Calgarians experience hail damage to their roofs every year. Hail can be a devastating force that can damage your roof, including its vents, gutters, skylights and more. Repairing and restoring it to its original condition can be quite costly, but when your roof is compromised, you should act quickly.

Why Is A Hail Inspection Important?

A thorough hail damage inspection can help you determine whether your roof has been damaged or not. It will help you decide whether the damage is severe enough for you to file a claim. Having a reliable hail claim inspector will give you peace of mind about making a hail damage claim.

How Can We Help?

Hailbusters Roofing & Restoration assists clients with hail damage insurance claims. We have been in this business for years and can handle all types of roof-related insurance claims. We also offer roof repair services at an affordable rate, so you work with just one company from opening the insurance claim through the roof repair.

We Offer Hail Claims Assistance

We provide roof repair services at your insurance company's estimate. You can schedule an inspection for us to identify the hail damage done to your roof and we can help you with your hail claim. We will repair your roof according to your insurance company's estimate.

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